Dynamic Impact Massage (Maksimov Therapy)

Developed by Georgiy Nikolayevich Maksimov, this innovative treatment method has been helping patients return to health for almost 30 years. This therapy is a response to various disorders, from musculoskeletal problems to internal diseases, and even fertility support.

Our technique, based on deep heating and vibrational action, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relieves muscle spasms, restores proper innervation, and triggers deep detoxification and regenerative processes in the body.

The Other Side of Maksimov Therapy

Maksimov vacuum cupping therapy, working on the body “centimeter by centimeter,” can lead to experiencing emotional states that are stored in the body. Our body is the unconscious mind, so it remembers all repressed and suppressed emotions that affect our lives and various aspects of it.

This technique not only helps in relieving pain, improving circulation, and detoxifying the body but also in releasing and processing hidden emotions. Accepting them and consciously allowing them to pass through the body in the safe conditions of therapy leads to healing many aspects of health.

In summary, Maksimov therapy offers a deep look into the relationship between the body and emotions, providing individuals suffering from various physical and emotional ailments with the opportunity for healing through confronting and processing emotions hidden in the body. This is an approach that deserves attention for any bodily ailment.

A key aspect before starting therapy is conducting an interview with the therapist due to the individual approach to the client to achieve the best results.


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