7000 ISK – 200 capsules

7000 ISK – 200g powder

11000 ISK – 400g powder

Due to the constantly increasing environmental pollution, more and more pollutants accumulate in the human organism. LAVA PURE already binds these pollutants in the gastrointestinal tract before they can damage the body. This preventive effect has been impressively confirmed by studies. At the same time, LAVA PURE releases valuable minerals and trace elements to the organism.

  • binds a multitude of harmful substances and reliably eliminates them
  • regenerates and protects the intestinal wall barrier
  • relieves the detoxification organs liver and kidney
  • donates over 30 different minerals and trace elements


For MORE vitality, health, and well-being.

Commitment to clean sport: Our products LAVA PURE (powder) and LAVA PURE (capsules) are regularly tested for selected doping substances.

The leaky-gut syndrome

The intestinal mucous membrane or the intestinal wall can be damaged because of diverse toxicants from the environment, through food, medicines, etc. as also by stress and infections by repeated confrontations (impaired or reduced intestinal flora, nutrient deficiency, problems in neutralizing toxins, dysbiosis), or can even become permeable. Increased intestinal permeability is often used as a synonym for the Leaky-Gut syndrome. 

The occurrence of the Leaky-Gut syndrome can be described as a loosening of the Tight Junction (membrane protein, for example in the intestinal epithelium, which forms a paracellular barrier and controls the molecular flow), whereby large-molecular substances, foreign antigens, and bacteria diffuse through the intestinal epithelium and can reach the gut-associated intestinal tissue and further into the blood flow. 

Thus, the loss of the barrier function increases the risk of an uncontrolled antigen influx in the Lamina propria (= layer of connective tissue) and finally in the circulation or the bloodstream. As a result, toxins like unwanted metabolic waste products or even bacteria can enter the bloodstream, which results in extensive overload of the detoxification system (that is the burden exceeds the degradation rate) and a permanent inflammation can be induced in the body. This chronic disease incidence can not only affect the immune system but also almost all organs. The whole body can be affected. 

The initial symptoms of an increased pollutant load or impaired integrity of the intestinal wall can be a number of unspecific symptoms like an insidious loss in performance, allergies, fatigue and listlessness, concentration disorders, sleep disorders, or susceptibility to infection. Specific symptoms and syndromes associated with a Leaky-Gut comprise flammable irritable bowel syndrome, auto-immune disorders, and the non-alcoholic fatty liver. Consequently, an uncontrolled antigen influx not only triggers local, but also systematic immune reactions, which can be responsible for the occurrence of serious diseases due to its persisting process.

Take a breather by means of internal cleansing

For internal cleansing, the body primarily needs effective binders, i.e. substances that have a great attraction for toxins and can reliably remove them. The zeolite-clinoptilolite volcanic rock is uniquely suited for binding a large number of the pollutants that are widespread today: 

  • Heavy metals such as lead or cadmium from contaminated soils or from the air 
  • Mercury, for example from amalgam fillings 
  • Radioactive substances that accumulate in sea fish, among other things 
  • Ammonium which is produced in the digestive system by an excess of meat consumption 
  • Pesticides such as glyphosate from conventional agriculture and many other pollutants. 

The volcanic rock travels through the gastrointestinal tract like a rubbish chute, binds these harmful substances firmly to itself, and eliminates them reliably in the stools within 24 hours. The entire digestive tract, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and blood are unburdened.

With LAVA PURE, the organism is already protected from continuous new stress in the digestive system. In this way, a large proportion of the absorbed toxins do not even get into the bloodstream and body tissue. In order to protect the body cells from these pollutants, the organism subsequently really needs a range of vital substances and cell protection agents. In this way, the need for antioxidants can be reduced by up to 50% (!).

Compensate for acidosis

Sweet cakes, a grilled steak, or Italian pizza & pasta… the everyday treats that most people have grown used to cause an excess of acidity, which can lead to well-known undesirable side effects. LAVA PURE has been proven to provide the organism with over 30 different minerals and valuable electrons. If taken continuously, these help to regain a neutral body environment. The result: more drive, firmer connective tissue, and a more vital appearance.

Stay young with silicon

The volcanic rock in LAVA PURE is an aluminosilicate and contains silicon. This mineral is particularly important in the regeneration of connective tissue. It is absorbed by the body as silicon dioxide and slows down aging processes such as wrinkling. It helps to produce strong nails and hair as well as firm tissue. The silicon content in the blood decreases continuously from a young adult and should be supplied throughout life, especially for the 50-plus generation.

Science and research prove the effect

The patented preparation produces the specific properties in LAVA PURE that underlie the clinical and pre-clinical studies for this product. We have summarised the results of 20 years of research in a glossy brochure for medical professionals and therapists (which can be requested via the LAVAVITAE support). There you can read in detail about the positive effects on the intestines, nonspecific unburdening of the liver, and increasing athletic performance.

Top quality for a unique medical product

Volcanic rock for internal consumption may only be marketed in Europe as a medical product. This requires a comprehensive certification process that guarantees customers appropriate safety and effectiveness during use. However, LAVA PURE not only meets the legal requirements for medical products, it far exceeds them. In addition, this premium product is underpinned by a permanent scientific and clinical research process for its continuous development.

The refining process of LAVAVITAE restores the raw materials in the products to their original vibrational power. Dr Masaru Emoto is the world’s most renowned water researcher. LAVAVITAE has commissioned his Hado Life Europe Institute to examine all products with his special method of water crystal photography.

As a healthcare company, it is our vision to offer humanity effective protection from increasing pollution of the living spaces and the resultant pollution or burdening of the body itself and this makes a significant contribution to the preservation of health or recovery of our consumers.

  • Approval as medical product (CE-marking is a product qualification and a safety feature)
  • The basis for evaluating the bio-compatibility of this Class IIb medical product is DIN EN ISO 10993.
  • ISO-certification EN ISO 13485
  • European patents
  • Continuous research and development together with renowned experts and European universities and institutes
  • PMA-process technology for a significant and measurable increase in effectiveness

Method of use

Przyjmować jedną równą łyżeczkę porcji (1 łyżeczka = ok. 3 g dla proszku sypkiego i ok. 5 g dla proszku zbitego) 2-3 razy dziennie, popijając szklanką wody (co najmniej 100 ml). Okres zażywania powinien wynosić co najmniej 12 tygodni lub tak długo, jak występują systematyczne obciążenia organizmu. Wskazówka: Obróć lub potrząśnij puszką LAVA PURE po każdym użyciu, aby puder pozostał sypki i nie zbijał się. W ten sposób zapewniasz sobie optymalne spożycie LAVA PURE w formie proszku.

How does the professional do it?

The renowned health scientist and zeolite expert Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht recommends taking the volcanic mineral zeolite in powdered form for optimal effect. Mix one or two spoons of LAVA PURE in a glass of warm water with a ceramic or plastic spoon. Then take small sips of this suspension, rinse gently, and then swallow. Repeat this until the glass is empty. This is the best way to maximize the effect of cation exchange. In addition, 2 to 3 liters of water should be drunk during the day. 

LAVA PURE should be taken at intervals of half an hour before the consumption of other drinks or food.

Ingredients per 100 g

  • Activated Zeolite 90 g 
  • Dolomite 10 g (thereof calcium 2,24 g, magnesium 1,28 g)

LAVA PURE by LAVAVITAE is available in three different forms: 

  •  in capsule form / 200 capsules
  • in powder form / 200 g
  • in powder form / 400 g

Product safety/Harmlessness:

Permanent research activities serve as an essential basis for the safety aspects to be fulfilled by certified medical products of class IIb. First of all, the chemical and physical characterization of the specific LAVA PURE is a fundamental part. In this, the pH-stability against acids and alkali as well as the temperature stability and the suitable form (round and no needle-shaped particles) must be displayed accordingly. Recording the safety includes, as per ISO standards, the tests for cytotoxicity, sensitization, and irritation. In addition to the tests required by the MPG, toxicological studies (sub-acute, acute, and chronic) as well as tests for geno-toxicity and reproductive/developmental toxicity must be performed to ensure additional safety. The safety-relevant aspects were examined and evaluated by both the designated notified body as well as by experts in the field. Thanks to these tests, including expert reports, the safety of LAVA PURE for human use and the reach of the efficacy of the gastrointestinal tract were clearly defined.